Why You Should Practise Guitar Daily

For this article some insight into your daily practise for the guitar. Those of you who use improvisation may find it particularly useful.

Practising the guitar daily makes sense as it keeps you on top of your game. Making music and playing the guitar is a skill and playing daily will keep you in touch with these skills.
Most of you who have been playing for a while will know what to work on, just look at your playing and find something you are not that good at and look at how to make it better.
For those of you who do not know what to work on here is a short list with areas anyone should look at:

     Visualisation of Fretboard:

With this term I mean seeing where your triads are on the fretboard, see your chords (major and minor), break them down over sets of three strings as triads are made out of three notes. Once you can see them you will start to see more. Learn all the inversions as well, again break them down over sets of three strings. Once you can do that you will realise where some of those well-known barrechord shapes come from.

Next to seeing your chords there are scales: Break your scales down in octaves, and visualise them against your chords, this will help you formulating arpeggios on the fretboard.
Once you start to see chords and scales why not look at whole chordprogressions since you be playing solos over them? Work out the most common chordshapes for regular chordprogressions, it will help you to find the right notes when you need to play over these chords.

Visualise target notes for your solos: You can use particular notes to highlight a chord in your solo, find this note in various places and be able to weave around this note with other notes.

     Not Know What To Practise?

If you are not sure what to do make sure you can fall back on a practise routine. Whatever you do, all helps. It is a good habit to reinforce what you can do. Whatever you play, make sure you can do it well and that your playing is consistent.


If you have various guitars, make sure you play them all regularly. Get them all set up properly so all of them will be a favourite.
When it comes to amps, same as with your guitars, make sure they all work properly and get to know what sounds they can make and find out what you like about them.

Effects: Again as with your amps, get to know what they do and be able to control your effects for the sounds you like.


We all need inspiration and to keep you inspired you can read about other guitar players, read about what they do and how they do it, what kind of equipment they use and what their vision is when it comes to playing the guitar, songwriting and improvising.

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