Why Excercises are Usefull for Your Guitar Playing

20110723095834eddieExcersises come in different forms, you can play scales which are good for your technique and finger memory. You may be able to use some of the scale patterns for your improvising or composing melodies.
You may find some harmony excercises like variations on chord types you already know. Some of these harmonies may help your ears to hear different tones from the usuall chordtones you play.

When you work with excersises try to understand what is underneath the excercise. Once you understand what is underneath the excercise you may be able to apply the information to a different siuation.
Overal going through excercises regularly will make you aware of what is going on fingerwise and it will open up your mind for particular cliches in any kind of musical style.

Keep at it and good luck.

Hope to catch you soon again for more.