What You Did Not Know About Your Least Favourite Guitars

When you open up this blog you may wonder what this article will be about? It is for those guitarplayers who have a favourite guitar but next to this one favourite axe they may have quite a few other guitars which they may not know so well. Each guitar is unique and has the potential to become your favourite axe. For this to happen you need to make sure that all your guitars play as well as they can, get them set up properly and maintain their set up over the years.
Let us now have a look at what you can do to discover the sonic potential- and feel of each of your guitars

Each guitar is able to preform any type of music you like, but some guitars may be more suitable for certain types of music. Want to get an over-the-top Rock sound? Well a Les Paul and a Marshall will serve you well, this is not to say that a Stratocaster could not give you a similar vibe, but the Les Paul may get you quicker to that sound.

A good test to find out how well your guitars suit whatever you play is to play something you really enjoy playing, now play same idea on another guitar, use same amp, change only guitars. Keep on playing and be honest: At some point you will find a certain guitar will sound better for whatever it is you are playing. As you play, be as open-minded as you can about the guitar: Does this guitar sound well for what I am playing? Does the guitar feel good for what I am playing? The guitar you play at the moment may not be suited for the idea you like to play (it may lack in sustain or treble or whatever) Maybe the guitar may want you to play something else? and that something else may be unique for that particular guitar.
When you approach your guitars with that mind set you may find outt hat each guitar does actually contain something unique and you may just want to pick them up for that feature.

Enjoy your playing and hope to catch you soon again,