What is the Best Natural Sounding Amp For Your Electric Guitar?

201102211336461958guyatone_bodyAmps can have a big impact on the sound of your guitar: Some amps can alter the sound of your guitar radically, while other amplify its tone with adding only a slight bit a colour.
What is the best amp for your guitar? Of course, this question does all depend on what you want- and like from your sound and your guitar. Some players like the fact that their amp adds a lot of colour while others may prefer the hear the natural sound of their guitar coming out of the amp.
For this article a few ideas to guide you along the way how to achieve that natural tone.

Thinking of electric guitar and its  tone, the first amps were created around the 1930s. It was believed the amp should amplify the sound of the guitar without adding any artifical sounds such as distortion or anything else to alter the natural sound of the guitar.
Throughout the years amps did change a lot: They became more powerful and came with more features such as channel switching and adding on various effects.
Looking at any of the simple amps of the 1950s and early 1960s and you notice that not many of them do have a lot of controls. Usually volume and tone is all you can find. Often this is enough to give you that natural, clean sound of the guitar.

A good, simple amp will work with the tone of your pick ups and the resonance of the guitar. The speaker will add its own colour, but the overal sound should not be too different from what the guitar was designed to sound like in the first place.

Any amp will add colour. Think of the classic examples such as Fender and Marshall: A Fender amp will sound bright, while Marshalls can sound darker when you start to push their sound.

It may be possible to create your own natural, sounding amp: You can take any budget, practise amp and upgrade its  electronic components and speaker to get it to sound like a  better quality amp. Often simple practise amps will give you a basic sound, this basic sound can easily be modified to give you a better sounding, simple amp.

Hope to see you soon again for more updates regarding to sound and guitar technique.