Welcome Visitors !!

Hello to all of you, you may be new to this site or you may be a regular visitor. You may happen to know me from the past, we may have met before, you may be here for guitarrelated information. You may be here just to see how I am doing.

You get can it touch, did you know? I have a contact page and I do not mind you mailing me, it may be with regards to lessons or it may be just to have a chat to see how things are.

For all of you who do visit this blog regularly for lessons and tips, you can ask me requests to work out any of favourite songs. All the songs you will find here are songs which have been chosen by any of my pupils. There are still a lot of songs to be put up on the site. Apart from songs I  want to put up more theory-related ideas, also ideas with regards to songwriting, using pedals and amps and articles related to guitars. 

The blog is still under development, within two months it should get a different look and feel and it may be easier to search its content.

Stay Tuned!!