Wanting to Play Rock Guitar? Learn To Palm Mute Your Strings!!

Today a very short idea which I will follow up in a next article with more ideas to expand it.

Have a look at these Powerchordfingerings:

      E   A   D

G  ———2–

D ——2—0–

A –2—0——


Now play each chord as 2 bars, play in straight 8ths, which means you play each chord for 16 times before moving on to the next chord.
First play chord without palm muting, then try it with palm muting, try to get a clear sound.
For electric guitar players: Try this both with a clean sound and a slightly distorted sound, again get chords to sound clear and clean, try to move on to next chord without hestitation and without gaps in the sound.

Why are these chords important? It is the essence of Blues and Rock style guitarplaying. Yes it is utterly simple, but do not overlook it. Get it to sound good and bold and brave, be able do play this in your sleep and your guitar playing future will look bright.

That’s all for today folks, next time I will expand this idea and talk you through how you can turn this little ditty into a full grown Rock Monster.

Have fun and see you soon,