Using Loops in Your Guitar Playing

201102211103091982_Fender_Stratocaster_Gold_CA_10667_frontLoops are little parts of music which repeat themselves over and over again. The idea of using loops in music is not new: The Beatles used a few songs where they started to explore loops. Loops started to appear since the early days of recorded music. There have always been musicians and composers around who explored  and pushed the boundaries of recording technology.
Today there are many musical devices around which can help you with the creation of loops. For this article a few high lights of some of the things you can do with them.

Those of you who are new to playing with loops may think about loops as “backing tracks” Basically a backing for whatever song you want to play. Using loops in this way will let you play an extra part over the loops, or you can improvise freely over the loop.

Once you get  the hang of backing tracks you may want to look for more: What about using the loop in a creative way? Use the loop to play music which is only possible by using the loop.

You can create a short loop, and reloop this idea on another loop which could be longer, you can now layer onto the longer loop to create a bigger piece of music.

When you are shopping for a looping device, look at how you want to use the loop. Do you want to use backing tracks? You may need something with a longer looping time. For most creative looping you will not need long looping time, something like 5 to 15 min. may be long enough.  You still want to be able to play over the loop, the more you put onto your loop the less space there is for you to play over!

Once you get started you will discover other ways how to use the loop, just keep at it and enjoy what you can do.

Good luck and hope to catch you soon again.