Using Boss OD-3 and MXR Dist. + as Treble Booster for your Amp

Boss OD-3 and the MXR Dist + are great pedals to create a slight boost to your amp. It may be just the sound you want  to add a bit of boost to your single string sound or a bit of bite to the sound of your chords.
The OD-3 can give you a lot of variety in sound by opening up the Drive control. When you are just after a bit of boost the Drive control can be kept down to a minimum, all depending on the kind of amp you use, to give you that sound. Opening up the Tone control will create more volume and treble to the overal sound.

The OD-3 is very consistent: Whatever kind of amp you use, small, big, valve or transistor or whatever… you will get similar results. I have even used it through a mixer using headphones and the results are very similar as to what you hear when using an amp. The difference you get from using different amps does come from the amp rather than the OD-3 itself, very good!!

The tone is of the OD-3 is very Marshall JCM 900, I have mentioned this before in other articles. This is good if you like the sound of Marshall, if you after a booster which will not colour your sound the OD-3 is not for you. Boosters which will not colour your signal are uncommon, nearly any pedal you will find will add some kind of colour to your signal even though it may be subtle.

The MXR Dist. + will give you a clean boost if you keep the Dist. control down, just open up the output. The pedal does not have as much output signal as the OD-3, if you want more signal you will need to open up the Dist. a bit, which will add a bit of crunch. The Dist. + does create a fantastic sound on your bass strings, use if for riffs or powerchords which need just a bit of humph, and you will love the results. The overal sound of the Dist. + is general, it does not mimick any kind of amp, and the sound is neutral is a way, which is not bad at all.

Both OD-3 and Dist. + respond well to a Humbuck or Single coil pick-up: The character of pick-up and pedal remain noticeable.
The OD-3 and Dist. + are just a few pedals to mention you can use as treble booster, there are plenty more pedals around which you can use as treble booster. In the next few weeks I will review some other pedals which can also be used as treble booster as well.
Hope to see you soon again,