Using Boss BD2,FZ2 and Pro Co Rat as Treble Booster

Today I want to continue with the discussion of last article about the subject of Trebleboosters. In this short article I will highlight how you can use the Boss BD2, FZ2 and the Pro Co Rat as a treblebooster.  

                                Boss BD-2:

This pedal is an overdrive but can be used effectively as a treblebooster as well. The pedal does have three controls: Level, Tone and Gain. To boost the treble of your guitar simply keep the Gain control low down and boost the tone to where you like the sound of your guitar. Set the Level to similar level as your guitar amplifier. The BD-2 works best for this application with single coil guitars such as Stratocasters. They will also work with humbuck equipped guitars, but a bit of care is needed with regards to the level as you may  get unrequired distortion!

                                Boss FZ-2:

This pedal is a Fuzz pedal, it has the capability of producing two different Fuzz sounds, apart from that there is a booster mode. In the booster mode you can boost the volume, treble and bass. Simply put pedal in boost mode and adjust the bass/treble control to your likings. The FZ-2 does also compress your guitarsound a little, but this can be a good thing from time to time.  The FZ-2 will work well with both sinlge coil- and humbuck equipped guitars. A novel function of the booster mode is to put the gain to max, put a pre-amp after the FZ-2 which you use as master volume control [set it to unity level with your guitaramp].  Using the pedal as described before will give you a natural, open-sounding Fuzz sound, not as compressed as mode 1 and 2 of the pedal. If you do not use a pre-amp you will end up with a massive volume-boost which makes it hard to control for regular playing, however some of you folks may like this mayhem noise.

                               Pro Co Rat:

As all the pedals mentioned before, this one is a distortion pedal, but can be used to boost your treble signal as well. Pedal contains Distortion, Filter and Volume controls. To boost the treble without distortion simply put the Filter control at 12. 0’clock [ or 10. o’clock, or anything near, just dial in how you much treble you want!] whilst keeping the Distortion control all the way down. Set the Volume to similar level as your guitaramp’s level. The Pro Co Rat will work well with single coil and humbuck equipped guitars.

                              For the Ones Who like Experimenting:

The novel sound I described before with regards to the FZ-2 [boosting the gain all the way to the max!] can also be obtained by combining the FZ-2 and the Rat together: Simply use the FZ-2 to boost your treble signal while dialing in a distorted sound with the Rat, go for a moderate distorted sound. In this application you will not need a Pre-amp, as you can control the overal volume with the volumecontrol on the Rat and your amp.

Happy Playing and hope to see you soon again!