Use Your Tone Control and Pick-Up Selector to get Wah Sounds from Your Stratocaster

Getting wah sounds from a Wah pedal is great, but what about getting them from your guitar without having to use any extras? You can use your tonecontrol to illustrate your chords with some wah sounds. To get this idea to work best, close your tonecontrol —-make sure you select the right pick-up and right tone-control knob— and open it while the chord is ringing. This approach will also work with bends, open the tonecontrol while the bend is still ringing out, the bend will start to sound brighter as the tone control opens up.
The downfall with any of this is that you need a finger to control the tonecontrol whereas a dedicated Wah-pedal will keep your hands free for playing. The sound from a dedicated Wah  pedal is, of course, also a bit different.

The next Wah sound you can achieve from your Strat using the tonecontrols is as follows: Have the middle pick-up tone control wide open while keeping the neck-pickup tone control closed, now use your pick-up selector switch to flick from one setting to the other. The result will be a dark sound from the pick-up which tone control is closed to a brighter sound from the pick-up which tone control is wide open. This approach works well for sinlge string phrases and short chord bursts. Again as mentioned before, the downfall is that you need a finger to switch the pick-up selector.
If you practise some of these ideas it does mean you always will have Wah sounds ready from your guitar, even without having a Wah pedal connected to your signal chain, cool!!

Have fun and hope to see you soon again,