Use Small Practise Amp as Reference Point for Sound of Your Pedals

20130911124357eddiePedals do not alwways sound the same through different amps. A simple method to check how well a pedal works is to use your pedal through a small practise amp. Most practise amps do have a small speaker and are of low wattage rating. They can be very unforgiving in their sound. Good pedals (and guitars) will sound fine through almost anything.
When you want to check the sound of a particular pedal try it first through a small amp, listen to its sound and then play same pedal through a bigger amp.  Go for the same sound, you may have to tweak both amp and pedal to get to hear the same results as what you heard before when playing through the small amp.
This method works quite well for most pedals, it also works for guitars. Basically the idea is: If it sounds good through any small amp it will sound fantastic through any bigger, better quality amps.

Have fun and hope to catch you soon again,