Updates GuitarTutorLeeds. Com

It has been some time since the publication of any new articles her on the blog.Please do not think for a moment that I have lost my interest in communicating with you what I love most of all: Making music and playing the guitar.
Since the publication of the last article there have been some new revelations about how to play the guitar. None of this is new for me really, it just means there has been more time for exploration and experimentation with various guitar techniques, set-ups of equipment and different ways of playing the guitar to achieve new sounds. I want to share some of my new found insights here with you in future blog articles.

I am looking forward to creating regular , new articles for you, just like what you where used to read here before. New articles about guitar playing skills, making music, guitar-sound, musical equipment and different ways of how to approach playing the guitar.
Hope you will like what you will find here and that it will inspire you to keep on playing your guitar.
Thanks and hope to you soon again!