Tutorial: Play Your First Ukulele Chords

Here are three chords for those of you who are new to the Ukulele. You can play these chords strumstyle of pickstyle. Strumming the strings means you play all the strings in one go, picking the strings means you pick one string at a time.

Here are the shapes for the three chords :

            C          F             G7

 A ——3——–0———-2———–

 E ——0——–1———-1———–

 C ——0——–0———-2———–

 G ——0——–2———-0———–

 Strum each chords once with your thumb before you move on to the next chord. 
 Another way to play these chords is to pick each string once instead of playing all the strings at the same time. This style is called pick-style.
Try it and see what is sounds like, try to play  the chords as smooth as possible.

Enjoy an hope to catch you soon again,