Turn Your Guitar into Ukulele: Use Capo on 5th Fret

For those of you who are interested in buying a Ukulele, here is a  simple way to turn your guitar into a Uke. You can experiment with the sound and get a feel what it is like to play a real Ukulele.
This idea applies only to the Soprano-, Concert- and Tenor Ukulele.
For those of you would like to turn their Ukulele into a guitar I suggest buying a Baritone Uke, the Baritone is tuned E, B, G and D which is the same as the guitar minus the low E and A string.

With the Capo on the 5th Fret you get (low to high) a G, C, E and A string. This string combination is similar to a Soprano, Tenor and Concert Ukulele. The only difference is that the G string is the lowest string on the guitar, on the Uke this string sounds higher.

Now that your guitar is tuned as a Uke you can still use your common open shape chords. Watch out, the name of those chords has now changed:

Open D is now a G chord
Open A is now a D chord

Open C is now an F, Open E is now an A and Open G is now a C. The last three chords miss some of their lowest strings, here is what they will look like now:

                              C        E        G              
                     A  —–0——0——3——

Uke Tuning:    E  —–1——0——0——           N.B  Chordnames are as they would be on Guitar, for new
                                                                          Uke Chordnames, see above!!!
                     C  —–0——1——0——

                     G ——2——2——0——

When you start playing with using the Capo at 5th fret you will notice that the feel of the guitar is different: It feels a lot stiffer.  The sound is a lot higher too, sounds also a lot like a Mandoline and Banjo too.

You can still play whatever you used to play, just avoid the low E and A string since you would not have those on a Uke.
Once you get the hang of it you could try a real Uke to see what is sounds like.
Even if you are not really interested in Ukulele, this way of playing your guitar will make you more versatile and will give you a better understanding of the fretboard.

Have fun playing and hope to catch you soon again.