Treble Booster, Single Channel Amp and Playing Solos

Playing many solos in your band and do not like the use of distortion pedal to cut through the mix?
Why not try  using a treble booster?
The nature of a treble booster is to add treble to your sound, which will make your single strings cut through in the mix of drums, guitars and bass. Often changing your pick-up to the bridge pick-up may be enough for this idea. In case the pick-up does not have the desired effect you may want to use a treble booster. It will simply make your single strings sound louder.

                      Treble Booster, Which Treble Booster?

You can use a dedicated treble booster (they were popular in the 60s when distortion pedals where virtually non-exhistant) or if you have a Wah (or Auto Wah) you can use this as well: Push the wah all the way down to boost the treble and you are there, simply step on your Wah when you need to be heard! No need to rock the pedal back and forward, simply keeping the pedal in one position is enough for now.

Another way to add treble to your single string sound is using a EQ pedal: Graphic EQ’s may be the best for this kind of approach. Set the EQ up to boost the treble registre, and switch pedal on when you need your sound.

Once you start looking into how to boost your sound you will find a lot more ways instead of simply stepping on a distortion pedal. Distortion pedals have their place but they change your overal sound, and if you do not like this you do need to come up with another way to get that extra bit of boost to your sound.


Happy playing and hope to catch you soon again,