Tips on How to Create an Effective Medley

20120605113613guyatone standingA medley is simply a mix of short songs, or song parts, to create a longer song which can stand on its own.
You may wonder why musicians decide to create a medley? Why not play a full song instead? Sometimes the full song may be too long, sometimes the song may contain a lot of filler parts and only the chorus may be the best sounding part. For this article I will give you a handful of ideas of what you can do to create a more effective medley which will keep your listeners on their tows.

To keep your medley smooth it is a good idea to keep your song ideas all in the same key. It will make it easier to change from one song idea to the next one. Simply choose a handful of songs which are in the same key and sound alike and experiment how you can move from one song to the other without having any gaps in your playing.
Instead of playing the full song, go for parts of the song which sound similar to the other song you want to add to your medley. Instead of having full song parts you can also look for instrumental hook lines or riffs.
A lot of 70s songs contain great riffs and most of them lend themselves very well to be put into one medley.

Once you have your medley of a handful of songs, experiment with any possible key changes to add a bit more interest to your medley. You may even want to add some tempo changes, this will make your medley stand out from the rest.

Enjoy your experiments and hope to see you soon again,