The Police and Very Early Songs and B sides

Before the Police made some headlines with “Roxanne” they had some songs which they had publiced themselves. If you are familiar with some of the studiorecordings they made you may not be completely surprised by the sound of some of these songs, some of them are quite good but they never really made it on any of the regular studio albums.

Here is the first one: “Fallout”. It is a song which could have easily made it on the first album, including the short guitarsolo Andy plays.

The next one: “Nothing Achieving”. Listen to the sound of the song, very much the sound of early British Punk with the focus on midrange and glassy tones (achieved by Electro Harmonix  Memory Music Man Delay??)

Next one: “Dead End Jobs”, similar kind of approach as “Sally/Would You Be My Girl” including the talking bit from Andy, just a bit more fun and over the top. Solos like this would apprear later on on  the album “Zenyatta” with the use of guitarsynth.

Here is “Landlord”. Vocals sound a bit like “Next to You”, even the guitarparts and solo are not completely unfamiliar.

Okay, I will add some more later on.
Have fun and hope to catch you soon again,