The LA’s: Where did they come from, what happened to them and where are they now?

Who are the LA’s you may wonder? Some of you may remember them as one of those early bands from the Britpop period. Their most well-know song is this one here:

This song came from their first LP, simply called “The LA’s”  The band did not like the version of the album, but that is another matter. The next album, well it never appeared. Listening to that one song you should become curious enough to find out what has happened with this band.
One of the ways to find out is by reading: A Secret Liverpool In search of the LA’S by MW Macefield. The book is from 2003 and revised and updated in 2012 with some fresh, new information.
Here is a link to see the cover of the book:’s:_A_Secret_Liverpool

The author opens the book with an unusual two minute manifesto “Shall I Buy This Book or Not?” This in itself should be enough to work yourself through the rest of the pages…………

The book itself is written by a fan, who sets it upon himself to discover what is behind the facts of this relatively unknown band: Liverpool band, one hit song (see video), released only one album, lead singer Lee Mavers who is “a bit mad” but also a “genius”, band had lots of different line-ups which were all short lived, band disappeared  soon after release of their first album, did bits of touring, were perceived as “difficult”, were not missed too much at first, but as legend grew, more and more people felt: “They were actually bloody mavelous”

What follows is a history of the band told through interviews from the author with the various bandmembers including Lee Mavers. At the end of the book the reader may wonder: “Will we hear any more music from Lee Mavers?”

Check out the book and have a listen to some of those early LA’S songs.

Hope to see you soon again,