Starting Out with Guitar Playing: What Should Your First Guitar and Amplifier Be Like?

20140408092012IMG_3943It is very tempting to buy all the gear you need, when you are starting out. Get it all  in one packet and job done. Often these deals will include leads, picks, strings, guitar and amp. All you need really, isn’t it great? Yes but most likely, the gear you will get is of budget quality and may not be that inspiring to play after your first year of making music.

Another approach is to look at your budget and to get a separate guitar and amp. Before you buy look into what kind of gear you could get for the budget you have in mind. Instead of buying new, look into buying second hand. Often you can get better deals in this way.

Once you have made up your mind about what kind of amp and guitar to get ask some friends with playing experience what they think. Ask  them about their opinion and views. It may be possible to show them the gear and let them play it for a while to see what they think.

Making music and playing guitar is about growth. You want a guitar and amp which can keep up with your develpment. The gear needs to give you  joy and you need to be able to be proud of it. Over the years it is likely that you want to try something else: A other type of guitar or amplifier, but it should not be that the ones you have bought rigth at the start are no longer any good.

Over the years it may also be possible to upgrade your gear by making improvements to your guitar like installing different pick-ups or changing the speaker of your amp. There will also be room for improvement as it is part of the growing experience of making music and playing guitar.
Have Fun and hope to catch you soon again for more,