Sound Tutorial:Treble Boosters and How to Use Them For Your Amp

A treble booster can turn your amp into overdrive, this kind of overdrive tends to be natural and is basically created by adding more treble and volume to the amp. Trebleboosters used to be populair in the late 1960s and early 1970s at a time when most amps where single channel amps The only form of distortion available then was Fuzz or turning the volume of your amp on full. Using a treblebooster gave you more control over the volume and overal distortion sound of your amp.
These days, when most amps will come with some form of distortion and/or channelswitching, treble boosters can still be useful as they can give you a, somewhat, natural kind of overdrive.

Looking at trebleboosters, it is possible to turn your overdrive pedal into a treble booster, all you need is a pedal where you can control the amount of gain, volume and tone and you are there. Some overdrive pedals may be better at this function than others
For the next few articles I will review some overdrive pedals which work well as treble boosters, the pedals I will review will be the Boss BD-2, Boss OD-3, The MXR Distortion +, DOD FX 55-B and the Peavy Dirty Dog

When looking into treble boosters for yourself consider the amp you are usings, the pick-ups of your guitar: Singles or Humbucks and the kind of sound you want to achieve.
Some of the pedals I will review work well using valve amps or transistor, some pedals actually preformed very similar while using these different kind of amps. A bonus some may say?!

Stay tuned for next few articles about treble boosters,