Songwriting Tip: Keep Your left-Over Parts

When you are creating your songs you may have some parts which do not work for the song you are working on. What to do? Leave it out! But you may want to keep that part for another song, especially for those of you who find it hard to come up with  new music. Some of those parts may work very well on their own, you may be able to create a new song around that part.

Some of you may be so happy with all these parts that you may feel you need to use all you have created, but be careful: A song which contains too many parts may become cluttered and may loose its original meaning.
Listen to some songs you like to see how many parts those songs have to get an idea.

Once you have all your parts together it is time to ask youself how often to play certain parts: Should you repeat a bridge a few times or just go back to the chorus and finish the song?. Again, these are matters which depend on the song and you own perception of what you want the song to do. Often playing a song over and over again in various orders may help you to see what kind of order works for you song.

Enjoy your writing and hope to see you soon again,