Songwriting Lesson: How to Start and Develop Your Lyric Writing

For this article a short article on how to start-and develop your lyrics.

It helps to have a clear idea what it is you want to write about. Once you have your topic what you want to write about, you can brainstorm about the subject: Think about as many things as you can associated with the subject you want to write about. Write all the idea down which come up during your brainstorm session. Do not be too critical as these ideas are only there as ideas. You will end up with a lot of ideas which you may not find useful, but for now just write down anything which comes into your head.

Once you have gathered enough brainstorm ideas look at your list and choose the ones you like most of all.
The next stage is to develop the ideas you like. Develop your loose, brainstorm ideas by turning them into a short story: simply write a few lines which expand the single brainstorm idea, do it in such a manner that each brainstorm idea becomes a little story. How long should this story be? Not too long, a few lines will do. It is not about the lenght, it is  about what you say and how the story sounds like.

Now that you have written your short stories around your loose brainstorm ideas, see if you can connect some of the stories you have made up. You do not have to take all the ideas you used in your stories, connecting some of the stories is enough. Once you have connected a few stories, you may want to rewrite the whole idea again to make it fit better for the purporse of your song.

Be creative with your writing: You story does not have to be chronological in order, it also does not have to be logical, you may want to use nonsense words, words which simply sound good. Think of your writing as a song and not poetry or a short story. The endresult of your writing will end up as words which will be sung and therefore they need to sound good. A good lyric is one which makes sense logically and sonically. For now you goal is to make it work.

                           Style and Tradition:

If you work with traditional styles such as blues and folk music your lyrics may need to reflect this and you may want to stick to the  wirtings and traditions of these styles. You can still be creative with your writing but you also may want to observe the cliches of these styles for your writing to sound natural and clear.

Your writing will get better overtime and you will also understand better what it takes to create better lyrics. Over time you will write better lyrics, all you need to do is stick to it and not to give up. Once you have finished a lyric do not edit and rewrite it too often. If you are still not happy with the original idea it may be better to start with a new lyric instead of rewriting an old one.

Enjoy your writing and hope to catch you soon again.