Songwriting and Initial Inspiration

How to get yourself into the mood for creating songs?
For this article some ideas which may help you to get into the zone.

Songwriting is not something which happens overnight, it is a skill which is learned over time. By writing songs you get better, it is very much a hands on skill.
For this article I will mainly deal with inspiration, I will not go into technical detail about the actual writing as that is material for other articles. 

    Songwriters are not born:

Agree? It is a skill you develop overtime and anyone, with an interest in the subject, can learn these skills.

As a writer you need material to write (or talk) about. Where does that material come from? Good question, anywhere really. It depends on your personality, you own likes, how you are as a person ect.
If you are interested in politics you could write songs about politicians, their behaviour and their impact on the lives of ordinary people. You could write songs about your Mum and Dad (everyone had one pair of them once in their lives………) You could write songs about your cat, dog, goldfish.
You see what I mean? You can take any subject matter. Find something you are passionate about and brainstrom for a while, write down anything which comes to mind about that subjectmatter. Once you have enough ideas, try to create a story (or poem) around these ideas. Keep it short and try to use day to day language as much as possible. 

   From Lyrics to Music:

Let us say you have a short story, poem, or set of ideas for your lyrics, now comes the time to find a melody and set of chords where this melody can roam and breath. How to you find these?
This is where more choices come around the corner.
Let me first ask you some questions before we go any further: Do you like playing acoustic guitar or electric? Oh I hear you, you like both! Please make a choise, make it easy on yourself for now. Do you sing? Probably, but you may not see yourself as a singer. Howelse could you be interested in songwriting? Someone has to sing the ideas you have in your head! So you are the first choice today!.

Okay, so we go for acoustic guitar now: Grab some chords and play them, find yourself a nice groove and just play, play as long as you need to until you find something to sing.

Singing? Well, you can hum to get melodic ideas going over your chords. Just hum whatever you can hear.
We have all heard the story about  “Yesterday” and boiled eggs?: Paul McCartney just sang whatever words came to mind to fit his melody of “Yesterday”. By doing this you open yourself up for more lyrical ideas.
In case you are happy with the lyrics you have made before you can try singing those Do they work?
All  you need to do is get those words to fit over the melody you have just made. Because you are the creator of this unique song you cannot make any mistakes here: How can you be against your own ideas??
Of course, once you have a melody and lyrics you may want to edit,  to make the whole idea sound better. Changes are you will need to do this to  improve upon your song, but for now try to get a complete picture of your lyrics and melody, and once you are happy start editing to improve the idea. 

    What about Electric Guitar?

The process describe above could easily be repeated for the electric guitar, but why not make the electric guitar really sound electric: Use your most outragious sounding distortion to get a killer sound from your amp, now start riffing and see what happens. These dirty riffs may give you songideas you may have never thought about if would have stuck to the acoustic guitar.
You can loop these riffs with a sampler, put them into a chordstructure you play on the acoustic, in this way you combine electric and acoustic guitar into one songsetting.
As you can imagine, the options you have are limitless, the only limit is your own imagination.

     Choices and Goals:

As you can see from the above, the clearer you can be in your choices, the easier it will be to get satisfying, musical results. If you are new to writing I would just stick to one way of working, see if you can get some songs out of you before you make the whole process more complex than what it needs to be.
Over time you will try lots of ways, as this is how songwriters develop their skill.

In this short article I only highlighted some ideas you can use. Use it as a starting point for your own imagination and try to enjoy as much whatever you get into musically. 

Hope to see you soon for more guitar inspiration.