Song Writing: Creating Variations of One Song

There are these moments you work on one song and you wonder: “How would this song sound if I fingerpick the chords instead of strumming them?” “What about if I use distortion instead of clean sound for the backing?” “What about playing the chords higher up the fretboard using a Capo?” When you try any of these variations changes are you will be changing more than just the way where you play the chords. Before you know it, the feel of the song has changed and the song may sound like something completely different.

When you are just starting out with writing you are probably happy to keep your songs the way they come out in the first place. Once you have been writing for a little while you may enjoy the experience of playing around with your songs to give them a different feel or to put them into a different style. There are those songs where you know they will work in a different settting, while others may look less obivious for the treatment of a different style.

Being able to put your songs into different styles will open your eyes to different possibilies for your song, it will also turn you into a better songwriter. Try it to see if it works for you.

Hope to see you next time,