Sample Settings DOD FX55-B Supra Distortion

Here some sample setting for the DOD FX55-B Supra Distortion you may like. Use them as a guide, you may have to alter any of the controls to get the desired sound depending on your guitar and your amp settings.
I have included a guide to what kind of pick up you can use, but again, use this only as a guide.

Amp was set for trebly tone, but just set your amp to how you like it and then tweak controls pedal to get the desired sound.

The controls of the pedal are easy to set: Use the 11 dots of the controls and point them in the right direction to get the right setting.

Before I go into the settings here a tonal reference to some sounds you can achieve with this pedal:
The Who, Metallica, Punk Rock, Satriani and Jack White.


Sounds great when using a Humbuck in neck position. Listen to your bass strings in particular!!
This sound is good for playing riffs on your bass strings or any powerchord ideas

  Level: 11      Tone: 4     Dist.: 6

                   Treble Boost

Great for adding a bit of grind to your sound, will work with any pick up setting and any type of pick up.
This sound is good for chords and riffs.
I call this “Treble Boost” setting as it will boost your clean sound but will also add some dirt to your sound. You can change the setting of the Tone control, as this will not affect the amount of dirt you will get, great!!

  Level: 11       Tone: 11    Dist.: 1

                  Fuzzy Punk Rock

Great for chords and riffs in between your chords. Play it downright rude and dirty.  Will sound great with bridge Humbucks, but try any pick up as the setting will not let you down! You will get a nice, solid sound with lots of attitude.

 Level: 11       Tone: 4       Dist: 7

                  Maxed Out Fun

This setting will work with any pick up setting and any kind of pick up. It is great for achieving a singing tone from Neck Humbucks, just let it sustain for days!

Level: 6         Tone: 4      Dist: 11

The  tone of the DOD FX55-B reminds me a lot of the MXR Dist. + (and in some ways of the Pro Co Rat). Some of you may feel that this tone is the general distortion tone without too much character. What I like in particular is that the pedal can make your bass strings distort while the rest of the strings remain fairly clean. When you try this with a Boss OD-3 or SD-1 or BD-2 the sound of all your strings will distort. From an engineering point of view the Boss models are more sophisticated and may also offer you more tonal options compared to the DOD FX55-B

Hope you enjoy some of these sample settings here and hope to see you soon again for more sonic updates.