Rhythm Guitar Lesson: Fit Your Strums into the Groove of the Song

For this article a handful of ideas of how you can fit in your chords to sound smooth with the overall rhythm of the song.  Check out the video for more details, the song Mustang Sally is only given as a suggestion and should be taken loosely as a point of reference.
Playing rhythm is a skill and a art form but at the same token, it is something which can be learned. You need to listen to a lot of songs which apply the rhythm in a similar way. A handful of more recent songs apply the rhythm in a similar way as some of the great songs of the 60s. A song like “Valerie” is a great example. The Zutons version does have a more Rock/Soul kind of feel whereas Amy Whinehouse’s version is more based on Soul and Funk. The drum and how the bass fits into the rhythmic pattern are a giveaway. As a guitar player you need to know how to fit into the rhythmic pattern. Once you start experimenting with it you will find out what works.
Bands with a great rhythmic feel all have great, individual rhythm players, together they all form part of the groove.
Of all the various aspects of guitar playing, developing a strong sense of rhythm is one of the hardest things to teach. Some people have a natural gift for rhythm while others need to work hard on this. It is my strong believe that anyone, with the right direction and hard work, can develop a strong sense of good rhythm playing. Work on yours and keep at it.
Hope to see you soon again for more Guitar, Bass and Ukulele inspiration.