Review DOD FX55-B Supra Distortion

The DOD FX55-B is a distortion pedal  with a few extras thrown in: The pedal can give you a boost and it does contain a extended treble boost when you max out the distortion control.

The pedal does contain three controls: Level, Tone and Distortion, nothing unusual there for a simple distortion pedal like this you may say. True, but this pedal can do more then what it looks like:

                Using Pedal as Treble Booster:

Any distortion pedal which can give you a clean boost is a great pedal in my book. This one will give you a clean boost with some edges of distortion, depending on what kind of pick-ups you use.
Boost the Level and Tone to the max, keep Distortion control down, set up your amp for trebly sound and play: Your amp will distort a little depending on your pick-ups: Humbucks will give you a crunchy tone while single coils and other less, hot pick-ups will give you a slight crunchy tone, depending on your picking style. The tone you get is just a broken up amp, good for any old-style distortion.

              Full Tilt Distortion:

Max out the Distortion control, while Level and Tone are set to your desired levels. This setting will give you a boost in your distortion with an extended brightness. Back off the Distortion control and your tone will get darker. The maxed out sound is great for powerchords, riffs or anything in between. The sound is classic 80s, 90s. It is usuable in a wide range of styles, but if you are looking for modern, heavy bass distortion, this pedal will not give you that sound.


Fuzz from this pedal, really? Yes, its sound reminds me of  primitive Fuzz, especially on the bass strings. I use a 0.56 for low E and 0.46 for the A while rest of strings are standard 0.11.  I get a Fuzzy sound on the bass strings while the rest of the strings still sound fairly clean when I set up pedal for treble boost. Nice one!!

Does it matter much what kind of pick-ups and amps you use?

You will get different results with humbucks compared to single coils, but you do get that with any, moderate gain dist./overdrive pedal so this one is no different in that respect.

The pedal is consistant with its sound when you use different amps: Pedal preforms similar with most amps and speakers, the differences you will hear are due to variation in amp and speaker and are not the result of pedal preforming differently.

Enjoy and hope to catch you soon again for more updates for guitarsound and guitar techniques.