Power Chord Guitar Tutorial

Today, as promised, a short powerchord idea on the low E and A string. For those of you who are not aware what powerchords are: Powerchord is a chord constructed from only two notes, instead of the usual three notes in a chord. The notes used for a Powerchord are the Root and the 5th. [The 5 in the name of the chord relates to the 5th] Sometimes Powerchords are played with three notes, in this case the Root is often dubbled to create a fuller sound:


  D —2—-

  A —2—-    

  E —0—-

In the example above we have an E powerchord with three notes. The low E contains the Root, which 
is dubbled on the D string. Leave out the note on the D string and you have the same E Powerchord but now with only two notes. Listen to the difference in sound!

Okay here is the short chord-idea:

        E5    A5          E5   G5        E5   A5        B5   G5

   A  –2—7–       –2—5–      –2—7–      –9—5–  
   E  –0—5–       –0—3–      –0—5–      –7—3–

Observe two chords per bar, all chords are played for 2 beats only. Use of distortion is optional, although you may feel it will make it sound better.

    Playing Vartiations:

Play straight 8ths on the E string of every first chord of each bar, mute the low E string, let second chord ring out. The result? You create a contrast with the first and second chord: First chord sounds dark because low E is muted, second chord sounds bright because it is ringing.

Experiment with where you play these chords on the fretboard:
Play same sequence now using open postion for your A and G chord. Listen to the sound! Forget muting here, as it will be much harder to do so because of the open strings! The sound you get is more of a dirty Blues Rock sound as opposed to a Rock sound in the first example.

Explore also higher registers on the fretboard such as the G, B and E string, listen to how the same sequence sounds using these strings.

For next blog more practical tips on practising to speed up your own development to become a creative guitar player.
Have Fun and see you next time!