Pat Metheny Special on Radio Two, Listen Here

On the link below you will find a special about Pat Metheny. (P.S Link will only work for next 7 days after posting of this blog!!) The programme has Pat talking about his early childhood years, the early 1960s and the dominance of the electric guitar in pop culture, his approach to improvisation, the organisation and planning of his bands, recordings and compositions, the early Jaco Pastorius years.
The programme does give you a snapshot of Pat’s music, but as anyone who knows Pat’s music, this guitarist does have many, many sounds and approaches of playing the guitar under his belt.

During the first few albums Pat’s guitarsound was quite natural, but soon he started exploring other guitarsounds  rather than the natural electric sound of the semi-acoustic hollowed guitar.
Here a song from his “Still Life (Talking)” album form 1987 where he combines that beautiful guitartone with the sound of human voices in his compostion. The rhythm of the drums emulate that steam train rhythm:

Enjoy and hope to see you soon again,