More String Bending Power For Your Acoustic Guitar: Use a Plain G String

20131129174824eddie 3When String bending is part of your playing style you may like this idea: Change your Bronze Wrapped G string for a plain G string.
What will this do for your sound? When you bend the G string it will remind you of the sound you get when bending a G string on an electric guitar, you will have a more stingy sound compared to bending on a bronze wrapped G string.
Using a plain G string will extend your range of bended notes. True, you can just bend notes on the E and B but your range is limited. Using a plain G will make your string bending more like you are playing a regular electric guitar.
What will you loose? A bit of body since a plain G will add a bit more ring to your overall sound. You may just want to try the idea as an experiment and for those occasions when you feel you do need those bended notes. Give it a try and see what you think.
Will this have any effect on your intonation, action of strings etc.? No not really, in fact beginners may like the idea since a plain G may be easier to use in the very beginning since the average gauge will be thinner compared to a Bronze wrapped G string.
The Set of strings we have come to see as “standard” has evolved over the ages from guitarists playing and using what is the most usable and balanced set of strings, it does not mean you cannot change the convention and find out what you like for your own playing style. Until sometime in the 60s a wrapped G string was common for a set of electric guitar strings until guitar players discovered that using a plain G was much better for string bending.  Just experiment and think what you need for your own playing.

Have fun and hope to see you soon again,