More Rehearsal Recordings Eddie de Hamer

More rehearsal recordings: “You”, without backingvocals, but new arrangement—–

This one here still sounds good. “What is this?” you may wonder, I was going for Smiths sound with the Twin. Basically what you hear is a guitarsound based around Twin Reverb and my Guya guitar, but Guya does sound like a mix of Les Paul and Strat, so you will not really recogize the sound as guitar does have its own sound.
I will get a “proper song” around this sound as I do like how it came out even though everything is just first take and a jam really………………..

Next one is “Easy” without backing vocals.

Most of these songs now sound better with new backing vocals and some other details, but no recordings yet………..
There will be rock songs later on, as the ones you hear here are more “easy listening” type. There will be some “White Stripes” kind of things, really just R and B in Stones vein as that what White Stripes and so many other bands are. The Stones did it all, and so many copied and changed the sound. Stones borrowed a lot as well, and changed it and………..but that is the story of life, modern music and pop culture.

My aim for now is to get some good sounding melodies and wrap them up into songs which have their own sound.

Enjoy playing your music,