More Ideas to Develop Your Solos and Melodic Ideas for Beginners and Intermediate Students.

For this short article, again, a few tips to develop your solos.

Often you can grab yourself a note anywhere on the fretboard, it is possible to construct a scale around this note. For any melodic pattern you often will not play a whole scale, you could just play a handful of notes. You could repeat those notes within the scale, or take the notes up an octave into a different position.
It is also possible to play the same notes a string up. You may find that you are no longer playing in the same key, but it will work if you are doing it right: The new notes will sound as part of your previous phrase, you could quickly play those, out-of-key notes, before you return back to the key of the piece you are playing, using some of your original notes.

It is a good habit to be able to play melodies without any backing of chords. Melodies which can stand on their own, without support of chords, are often stronger than notes you may use to enhance chords. When you are playing in this mode you may even find yourself composing whole songs (or songideas) based on melodies.
Try if for yourself to see if it works for you.

Good Luck and hope to see you soon again,