Mark Knopfler Talks Openly About Last 40 Years Here On BBC Radio Two

For those of you who do not want to listen to the full two hour set, Mark talks about the first years before Dire Straits, his time during Dire Straights, and collaborations with other people such as Dylan, and others, his writing for film music  ( Mark Knopfler doing film music should be not surprise when you listen to the Love Over Gold album)

Then there is talk of the time of the solos albums after disbanding Dire Straights, the new album Tracker, his approach to playing the guitar and song writing and some of his other passions.

It is a good programme. The picture you get of Mark is not that different from the things he has given us in previous interviews, he is consistent in what he says and how he comes across.

Personally I think Marks style works well if he plays in the setting of keyboards and full band. His solo style is based on playing a lot of embellishments which work best in a full band setting. His last album does have some of the sound of the first Dire Straights album, something he has not always done on any of his more recent solo albums.

Check out the link and enjoy.
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