Learning about Guitar Sound: Fender Silver Face Twin Reverb and TS 808 Tubescreamer

The Fender Twin Reverb is mainly known for its clean sound. Some of the Silver Face Twins came with a push/pull knob for the Master Volume section. This control  can provide you with a bright distorted sound. You can hear this sound being used by 60s bands such as the Byrds, Creedance Clearwater Revival and you sometimes also hear it on some Stevie Ray Vaughan songs.

The distorted sound produced by the Push/Pull Master Control knob is very similar to the sound a TS 808 Tubescreamer produces when you use this pedal in combination with a Twin Reverb amp. The nature of the TS808 is that it reacts with your amp, and each amp will respond differently to the pedal.

Enjoy and hope to catch you soon again for more,