Learn to Play Better Solos: Play Vocal Melodies

Playing melodic guitar solos may not be a natural instinct for some of you. Most people start of playing pentatonic ideas in various keys and areas of the fretboard. Playing pentatonic ideas is certainly a good idea to enhance your solos but what about playing parts of the vocal melody?
Usually the melody of the song is the strong part which most people seem to remember. Why not play parts of this as you solo, it will add a bit of variation to the song and it may also get you focused on playing melodic ideas instead of finger pattern ideas.

Once you can play a complete vocal melody, why not take this melody up to a different part of the fretboard. Find the part when you like playing most, try to add some bends to melody. By doing so you may make the melody more suitable for guitar, all depending on your style and approach of playing.
Experiment for now and see what works for you.

Happy Playing and hope to catch you soon again.