Keep Plectrum ready whilst using your fingers to play other ideas. Watch Plectrum/FingerStyle Video!!

Today a very short article about how to hold a Plectrum, whilst still being able to use your fingers.
You may wonder why you want to do this. Being able to use a plectrum and to keep it tucked in your fingers while using your other fingers for fingerpicking ideas is very useful.

Watch this video where I explain the technique in detail. Sorry about poor soundquality. Hopefully futurevideos shall have greater soundquality, well lets us hope so as I spend most of my playingtime on sound, amps, and guitarpedals.

In the next few weeks I want to create more articles about Valveamps by Marshall and Fender, the big difference between them, more on the Marshall JMC 900 series as I have been lucky to try and A/B test a few of them side by side.

I will try to create article on a weekly basis, when this does not happen you know what goes on in my life: Everything goes up and down, and Eddie is working hard on getting it all in balance again.
Enoy for now and hope to see you soon again.