Having a Guitar lesson break to attend Jam Night on Tue 29th of Nov. at Factory Street Studios in Bradford

20140104162927IMG_4362On the 29th of Nov there will be a jam night at Factory Street Studios in Bradford. The studio will be open on that night for anyone who is interested in playing music along with other people. The nature of the night is open, any style is possible, all musicians are welcome from singers to harmonica players to keyboard players and drummers.
The idea of the night is to play music along with other people: You may want to play a song you know but now play this song with a full back line of other instruments. You may just want to jam on one particular musical idea, anything goes really.
The night is there for beginners and experienced players.
Factory Street Studios does have a open, friendly nature. Once you have been you may want to come for any other events. You do not have to play, you can just check out the place while you have a drink and a chat.
The night will start around 8.15 pm and will run until 10.00.
Full address of the studio: Factory Street Studios, Unit 9 Factory Street, Bradford, BD4 9NW
For more info call me on 07796 808633

Hope to meet you soon,