Guitar tutor from Leeds at Jam Night News for Dec. 13th at Factory Street Studios in Bradford

20140222152839IMG_5187Hello there, for this post a short brief about the last Jam Night, which was 29th of Nov. and some ideas for the next one. The next night will be the 13th of Dec. 2016.
The last night, which was the first one, was great: There were two drum kits on each side of the stage, the guitar-and bass amps were positioned in a circle around the stage. This lay-out creates the feel of the night being a rehearsal rather than a performance.
Music was played right from beginning (around 8.00 pm) until the end of the night.  Most of the music being played was based on jams of a handful of chords and short ideas. Various people contributed ideas. At the end of the night some song structures were being played. Overall it was a great vibe and everyone involved enjoyed the ambience.

For the coming night I have a few suggestions, most of these are to avoid very long jams on just one idea.
First of all, and this is for anyone who is not familiar with the idea of what a Jam Night stands for: Jamming is basically playing music with anything which goes: Someone starts and idea and all the other musicians around, jump on the idea and contribute to that idea.
Do you need to be very good at doing such a thing? No, because there is time to explain what goes on, if some people feel left in the dark there is the time and willingness to explain to them what goes on music wise, so anyone has a change to play and be invovled.

The night is not just about creating music on the spot, it can also be about people who know a handful of songs.  They may want to play these with other people, who may not know these songs but will be able to play them fairly quick.

In a nut shell the night is there for anyone, young and old, experienced or beginner, sing-song writers, instrumentalists, vocalists and rappers. The whole idea behind the night is  bringing people together who enjoy playing music together and enjoy the fantastic vibe at Factory Street Studios.

For next night I have a few short song intros you may like to play along with.
All songs can be played in the key of E and it is possible to play these song in a medley kind of fashion (Start one song and then go to next one). The list is: “Purple Haze”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Wild Thing”, “Hey Joe”, “Rebel Rebel”, “7-Nation Army” and  “Come As You Are”.
You can just play the start of these songs for a few times, then progress to the next one. Play with them to see how it feels for you.

Some other songs where we could do a similar thing with are: “Message in a Bottle”, connect it with “All Along the Watch Tower” and finish with “House of the Rising Sun”.

Another one could be: “Brown Sugar” going into the unlikely sound of “Stand Bye Me”.

Now you may say “Why all old songs?” No particular reason, they are some ideas I have had a change to play with over the last few days. All these songs do have a different feel, which means we will create a different sound for each section as we progress through the songs. It is possible to do this with almost any song, it is up to you to introduce whatever song you like to play.

As far as instruments goes: I would welcome any instrument, in particular horn instruments, since we have not had that many. For all instruments which may need amplification such as guitars, basses and keyboards: No need to bring your own amp as full back-line is ready for you to play through. Of course if you like using your own amp it is possible to set it up quickly.

The address of Factory Street Studios is: Factory Street, Unit 9, Bradford, BD4 9NW.
Night will start about 8.00 pm and run until around 11.00/11.30

Any more info, call me on 07796 808633
Hope to meet you there and have a play