Intro George Harrison’s “If not for You” and Noah and the Whale’s “Waiting For My Change To Come”

Hello everyone,
What can I say? It has been, again, a while since I created the last blog. You may wonder why, no desire to write, nothing to say…….??.No none of that, just different things happening all the time, but I will try to make the the time to create a new blog from time to time.
Some of you may even wonder where that promised U2 article is, or wainting for more videos? Well all of that is  still to come, but not today, no today I want to point something out which a lot of you may have noticed when you are a regular listener of the radio. What do I mean? Okay let me put this song up first, and listen to the intro, please please listen. Does it sound familiar? Yeah? No? Where have you been all that time???

Okay, now listen to this man here! First of all apologies for the bad quality. On Youtube no original version of George’s “If not for you” from the “All Things Must Pass” album!! Well, there is a job for some of you who like putting videos on Youtube on a regular basis. Please put that studioversion on there, because at the moment the only thing you can find are alt. versions and this, poor sounding, live version here.
Anyway, listen to the intro and you will hear where Noah and the Whale did get their intro from. How did they get away with that one? It is so obvious, anyway………………….


Okay, that is it for today, Have Fun and I hope to be back with some more very very soon, in the meantime enjoy your time here!!