Ibanez TS-808: Great Overdrive for Playing Slide Guitar!

I have written articles about TS before, what they are good at and what they cannot do. This article will mainly focus on the TS-808 and why it is a fantatastic overdrive for playing slide.
When you are reading this article you are probably well aware of the Ibanez TS pedals, if not, check out Analog Man’s page about Tube Screamers.

The TS-808 does have a very smooth sound, it is this feature which seemed to work well with the bright and tinny sound of a Slide. Using a TS-808 in combination with a humbuckers will get you a very thick, and smooth sound. Single Coils work very well as well.

As far as settings, you can keep the Overdrive control  fairly low, just set it to give a slight boost and push it to get a fuller tone. The Tone setting can also be kept fairly low, but it depends on setting of your amp and your taste. The Level control can be set halve way up and above. Tube Screamers tend to be mild pedals with not that much gain, so you may need to set the Level higher than any of the other controls.

All Tube Screamers tend to sound best when used in combination with a valve amp. Once you have started using a TS-808 you may become curious in any of the other TS pedals.

Happy Playing and hope to see you soon again,