I am Left Handed, Should I Get a Left Handed Guitar or Buy a Regular Righthanded Instrument?

This is a common question being asked by beginner students who happens to be left handed.
My answer to this issue is: Get comfortable with the guitar you already have. If you happen to have a right handed guitar, and it feels good, keep it and use this for your playing. If you have a righthanded guitar and it feels not good you could change the strings and turn guitar upsided down and play in this manner. If you feel this is a little clumsy, you could buy yourself a left-handed guitar.
When you shop for a left-handed guitar you will notice you have far less choise than the right-handed player.

I have had students in the past who were left handed but they were equally comfortable with both a left-handed and right-handed guitar.

If you are a left handed beginner and you are not sure what to do, just get started with whatever guitar you have. The whole idea of learning to play the guitar is new, and for anyone new to the guitar, you will need to get comfortable with holding the guitar, placing your fingers on the fretboard and start to get sounds out of it. This itself is a unfamiliar feeling, and it does take time to get used to it. Once you get used to it you will be able to tell what it better for you.
Be patient for now, give it a go and see what works for you.

Hope to see you soon again with more articles about tone and guitarplaying technique.