Herb Ellis:Jazz Guitarist Extraordinaire

Who is Herb Ellis you may wonder? Click on this link below ( n.b will only work for 7 days after posting of this blog!) to find out:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b038xtf7

Many many good snaps of him playing. If you enjoy Jazz guitarplayers you should also check out some of the other names mentioned in the programme like: George Barnes, Charlie Christian, Barney Kessel and Joe Pass.
All of them can be considered as pioneers of the Jazz Guitar.

When you are new to listening to Jazz, just imagine the sound without the guitar, listen to the chords and imagine how you would improvise over them. Get the idea? It will take time for your ears to get used to the sound, but at some point you may start to like it.

For next few articles it is back to some more fingerexcersises as inspiration for your own compositional ideas.

Enjoy and see you soon,