Guitartutorial for Beginners: Easy Blues in G

The last article was about a short blues sequence, this article is about a similar kind of sequence, the chords are almost the same apart from the ending: Here is the sequence again

E7   A7    D7     G

Play all chords as one bar and use a shuffle feel for all chords, apart from the G, play for the G on beat one and three as this chord will give the sequence a finished feel.

You could treat the sequence as being in the key of G or in E minor with the sequence finishing on G, which is the relative major of the key of E minor.

Here is a short melodic idea which will work over the sequence:

E —-0–0———-0—

B ————-3———

G ———————-                                    Play this idea over the E7  A7 and D7

D ———————

A ———————-

E  ———————-

For the final G chord you can simply play the 3rd fret of the high E string and let this note ring, it will give the sequence a finished feel.

More experienced players will not have any difficulty creating some melodic riffs which will fit the sequence. Use minor Pentatonic in Em to find any catchy riffs which will fit the chords.

Another thing  you can do is, play the first chord of each bar, then play the melodic idea and progress to next chord. For each chord play just one strum as the rest of the bar is needed to fit in your melodic riff.
Playing in this style you cover both the chords and the melody without having the need for another guitar to play the chords for you.

Next article we will learn to play Metallica’s “Call of Ktulu” as a Solo Piece including chords and basslines.

Hope to see you soon again,