Guitar Tutorial for Intermediate Guitar Players: Simple Techniques To Improve Your Guitar Playing

20131129175810fenderAnyone’s guitar playing can simply be improved with a touch of some simple techniques. For this short article I will take you through some of those simple techniques which will enhance your playing style quickly.

Okay so you may have been playing for a little while now and you are able to play all your chords confidently. Next time you are about to play some chord sequences of your favourite songs why not try any of these:

Play some of the chords you play and enhance them with some hammer-ons.  The simplest idea is to play a hammer-on on the same note. Repeat the hammer-on for all the chords involved. This technique can give your playing a pro edge. It will make any sequence sound better since there is a little embellishment in the chord. Once you get the idea of it you may want to explore the technique more in detail. You may want to try various Hammer-ons  for the different chords involved of your song.

Basically a Hammer-On in reverse. Once you get good you may want to try them both into your chord sequences to add more spice to those songs.
When you are into guitar solos, a lot of guitar solos are build up from Hammer-Ons and PUll-Offs. Check out Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption, the song is full of Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs.

  String Bends:
Strings bends are always a lot of fun to play, you can play them on both the acoustic or the electric guitar. A lot of Blues guitar players do use String bending, but the technique can be used in any guitar playing style. As with so many guitar techniques, the art is to use whatever technique you come across and use it to enhance your own unique and individual style of playing.
String bends can be used to create simple riffs in between your chords. As what I mentioned before about the Hammer-On, you can simply use the same bend to create a simple idea, repeat this idea all throughout your chords. If you are new to String Bending your pitch may be slightly off. It does take practise, time and patience to be able to bend any string at will. Hang in there and make the technique work for you!!

   Finger Slides:
Finger slides are simply a slide over one string: Slide from one note to the next one. The technique gives you the idea as if you are using a proper Glass, or Brass Slide (Bottle Neck). It is a great technique to give simple melodies a lift.

Using a Glass or Brass Slide:
Using a Slide on one of your fingers is one of greatest things you can do to explore another territory of guitar playing. You do not have to be an expert at the guitar to try this technique: Simply get yourself  a Glass or Brass Slide and put it on one of your fretting fingers and start playing. Once you get the hang of it you may want to explore the style more into depth. You may want to try alternative, or open tunings whilst you are using your Slide. Start exploring and just have fun!!

Hope to see you soon again for more!