Guitar Lessons in Group Format

20140222153811IMG_5187Taking up guitar lessons will mean for most people getting schooled in all kind of ideas relating to the guitar: How to hold a guitar, how music works and learning to play some simple ideas to get you started. Some people will go the way to take up individual guitar lessons, feeling they will receive more attention and learn more. Others may like the idea of having lessons in a group format. Group lessons do have the advantage that it is possible to play music in ensemble context. Within each group there are usually different levels, some students may be fluent with chords but not so experienced with single note playing. Any material which is taught in group format does have the potential to be played in ensemble context where each student will play various parts. Playing guitar in  a group setting is a enjoyable form of playing: Most students enjoy this kind of playing as each member can fit in easily according to their skills. Individual guitar lessons can also be tailored to ensemble playing: The ensemble is a little smaller since it only consists of two people, but those two people could still end up playing various guitar parts which make up a song. Playing guitar in ensemble context is not just enjoyable, there are huge benefits from a learning point: learning to play to keep in time with other guitar players, listen to the parts of other guitar players while you play your own part, learn to interact with other guitar players by playing simple solos and learn to enhance simple structures which work when you are playing with other musicians. Most guitar teachers, or music teachers, will let there students play in a group setting, if this is not the case maybe you should ask your teacher to let you play in a small group to experience what it is like to have your guitar lessons in a group format. Hope to see you soon again, Eddie