Guitar Lesson: Learn to Use C-Chord shape as moveable chord shape

20131228140041IMG_2980Most beginners get introduced to open chord shapes right in the beginning. Open chord shapes do share a combination of fretted- and open string notes. Most of these open chord shapes can be used as moveable chord shapes. Sometimes these chords are being referred to as barre chords.
For this article I want to introduce you to the some chords which use the open C shape. The shape of the chord is similar as the well-known C chord, but some of these chords will be fretted higher up the fret board to create other type of chords.

Here is the open C chord again, which uses two open strings and three fretted notes
E –0———-
B –1———–
G –0———-
D –2———-
A –3———-
E ————-

Now try this chord here which is an E chord, using the open C chord shape to create its sound:

B —–5—–
G —–4—-
D —–6—-
A —–7—-
E ———-

How do you know this chord is called an E chord? By looking at where the Root notes are: On the open C chord the Root is on the  A and B string, for the chord above this is similar, there is no change to how the notes are being grouped: There is an E note on the 7th fret of the A string and an E note on the 5th fret of the B string. Remembering where the Root note are in the chord shape is a useful tool to identify which chord you are playing.

Here is another one, this time it is a G chord with its Root on the  A string 12th fret and B string 8th fret:

E —–7—
B —–8—
G —–7—
D —–9–
A —–10–
E ———

Which fingers do you use to play the moveable C shape chord? You can barre your first finger for the notes found on the high E and G string: Both these notes are on the same fret number, therefore it makes sense to create a little barre using your first finger. For the rest of the chord, play it like how you would play and open C chord with the difference that you use your pink for the note found on the A string.

What is good about using moveable C shape chords? They sound bright and sound clearer compared to moveable chords of the E-and A-type.
You can move your fingers up along the fret board to create different types of chords, great!

Try to use to moveable C chord as much as you can to get the shape into your finger, and ears.

Hope to catch you soon again for some more guitar inspiration.