Beginners Guitar Lesson in Leeds: Blues Sequence Using Open E, G, A, C and D Chord

20131008132730eddieBlues is not only about playing riffs, improvising and playing solos, it is also about holding the groove together and learn to play in time.
For this lesson you will learn to play a blues sequence using mainly open chords. You will have used all those chords before. For the sound of the sequence you mainly need to play the bass strings of the chords.
The sequence is divided up in two parts: First part contains E, G and A chord. The next part uses the A, C and D chord.
Check the video to see how long you play each chord for.

Once you have the chords underneath your fingertips, and you can play them without any long gaps, check out the next part of the video: Now play the sequence along with the drum machine and bass guitar. Concentrate on your part, make sure you do not get lost and just groove along.

Once you can play comfortably with bass and drums, let us now add another guitar in the mix: This guitar will be playing riffs and harmony-and melody parts. Check out the last part of the video to see what I mean. Play along, and again make sure you can hold the groove together without loosing your place in the sequence.
Have fun and hope to see you next time for more.