Guitar Lesson: 5 Moveable Dom. 7th Chordshapes

For this article 5 moveable chord shapes you can use for your own guitar playing. To move these shapes up and down the fretboard you will need to barre the shapes. For beginners they may be akward. Simply using the chordshapes as indicated will work as well, remember you cannot change key. If you want to adjust the key you will need to barre the shapes.
Good luck and hope to see you soon again,

        D7       B7     E7       E7                  G7
E  —2——-2————–0——————

B  —1———————–3————–3–

G —2——–2——1——-1—————–

D —0——–1——0——-2————-3–

A ————-2—–2———————-2–

E  ——————-0———————–3-