Guide For How to Set Up Your Guitar Amplifier

Are you one of those guitar players who leave the controls of your guitar amp in the same place regardless of what you play?
This article may be for you as I will guide you quickly through how you can explore the tones of your amplifier effectively.

Dialing in a good tone on your amp is not difficult. You will need to use your guitar while you change the controls of your amp to see what the changes you have made sound like. Simply changing a control without playing will not let you know what sound you are dialing in. Play a bit while you change the control, then adjust afterwards until you feel the sound is right to your taste.

                           Bass ‘n’ Treble:

Typically you can strum and open chord ( chord of A will usually do), hold this chord while you listen to the sound of your amp. You can set all the tone controls mid way (12.0’clock or anything near to give you a “neutral” sound) from here you can go to a more brighter tone, or bassy, depending on what you like.
When you dial in more treble on your amp it is easy to get a more bassy sound by turning the tone controls of your guitar down. Not so easy if your amp is already set up for more bass than treble.

                          What About the Mid?:

You can adjust the controls for the middle to whatever you like. You may have an amplifier which does have a lot more controls than just Bass, Treble and Middle. It may be an idea first to get a basic sound by setting up Treble, Middle and Bass and then adjust all the other controls which will affect your tone.

                        Distortion or Clean?:

What I mentioned before relates to clean and distorted sound. The distortion channel of your amp may have more controls related to Pre Amp and Gain. Use them to adjust the rigtht tone and the level of the distortion. As far as actual tone of the sound, use the same guide as what I mentioned before to get the best results.

Happy Playing and hope to catch you soon again,