Get The Best Out of Your Guitar Playing while in Leeds and Lessons: Tips For Beginners

20130917120746eddie smallFor so many students their guitar lesson is a source of inspiration, the weekly hour acts as a boost for their playing. Most of them probably will not play for one full hour on a daily basis, therefore the moment of the lesson can be an intense experience for them.
In this article I will highlight a few issues on how to improve your own playing.

Students take up guitar lessons because they want to learn to play the guitar. The lessons also act as a way to correct some of the mistakes in your playing,  things you still may not get right, fingering corrections and other details. Hopefully these corrections will help your playing to improve and develop over time.
For most students the weekly lesson is a session full of various ideas, ideas they can take home and improve.
To get the best out of your playing you should take some of those ideas and work on them until you can play them as how they are intended to sound like. Any student will have their own difficulties but it is common for students of all levels not to use the right fingering. Fingering is something which is easy to correct but it takes discipline: Stick to particular fingerings for certain ideas, also get used to the method of using one finger per fret. All of this will help to keep your playing sound clean.

  Mastering One Idea at a Time:
It is worth from a student’s point of view to play a song right. Most songs with have various ideas and each of them will have their own difficulties: When it gets to the chords, there are the changes. Some songs have quick chord changes while others may be slower.  To get your chords to sound clean and good takes time, but for each song it helps if you can play the changes without too many gaps: You need to go over the chords slowly, play the whole idea in time ( without any speeding up-or slowing down). Chords are hard to master, you need to spend time on them, but you should not only play chords and also not just practise one idea until it is perfect. Practise all things you have learned so far as they will all improve over time.
The same song I mentioned before may also have an intro riff made up of single notes. Play these notes first slowly, then play them a little faster. Similar as what I mentioned about the chords, play all notes with the similar pace so the whole intro will start to sound like music instead of a random idea put together of various notes.

When it comes to practise, try to master each idea. Ideally master what you learned last lesson. This approach will make your playing grow, and when your playing sounds better you will want to play more so you will enjoy your guitar playing even more.

The trick is to stay with it and to iron out all the little mistakes you may have in your playing. Once you have the right approach anything you want to learn will become so much easier, it will be just another song, instead of climbing another mountain.

Have fun and hope to catch you soon again for more.